Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

The annual Islamic Arts Festival began in 1998 under the supervision and organisation of the Directorate of Art in the Department of Culture and Information, with the intention of exhibiting various kinds of traditional and contemporary Islamic arts. 
Over its consecutive editions, the Festival was able to display different vibrant styles of Islamic Art through a selection of art projects illustrating the authenticity of Islamic Art and its ability to keep up with current artistic changes.
The Festival is one of the most renowned Islamic Art events in the region, and its events include local and international exhibitions, intellectual programmes, and interactive activities.
Theme of the upcoming edition of Islamic Arts Festival (Horizon)
The work of art as an influential visual production and an innovative accomplishment features specific essence different from our daily life, the life that we encounter through our senses, feelings and insight. For example, the colors, lines, spaces and dimensions generated within an art painting, reflect systems, links and contents that involve visual elements and other form of elements perceived through our senses and intuition. Based on unlimited choices of creation, the formation of these interactive elements according to certain systems produces a group of values, which remarkably depict the artwork intentional effect, through creating a new visual entity that did not even existed until this individual investigation. The impact associated with any visual form reflects authentic essence, highlighted through its own aesthetics and significations. However, in order to achieve this kind of self-employed visual entity, a specific element capable of making a difference and finding various possibilities must be generated within the creative work, and this element is the imagination. Whereas in an actual moment, artists can reflect their ideas, through spontaneously focusing on their energies, experiences, and memory, through good knowledge of heritage, and through stimulating the mind different states of functioning. This kind of conception might as well contribute to the formation of the visual image in the imagination, while taking into account the development of the visual expression and the perception of beauty that mainly corresponds to the current moment and the main objective. Thus, imagination and beauty as interconnected elements represent a starting point for any visual project. Whereas, through employing the element of imagination, the horizons of expression expand and the possibilities of artistic investigation multiple, as well as the possibilities of finding patterns and employing them in indirect way, towards approaching various ways of expression and exploring the secrets of the sensational visual image, which actually reveal the artist’s individual perspectives. The previous approach, make us realize the concept of art within the Islamic culture, which mainly harmonizes with the Islamic thought. Moreover, it reflects the absolute beauty within the visual element, which through the abstract depiction; it became one of the main aspects of Islamic arts. Mainly, the visual forms within Islamic arts featured symmetrical decorative elements, generated from the clear influence of nature and sciences such as engineering and astronomy, as well as the undisputed effect of the spiritual perspective. All of the previous constituted the basic elements of the visual work in Islamic art, which amazingly manifested and formed new existence distinguished by its own unique aesthetics. Therefore, visual works like illustrative paintings, miniature, decorative arts and architecture, all reflected through unlimited horizons and prospects of imagination, as well as various manners of expression, and beautiful, fascinating abstract images.  


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